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Armed & Unarmed GuardsEx-Servicemen at Service...VALUE ADDED SERVICES

Armed & Unarmed Guards

For Security we provide Armed & Unarmed Guards, Security Supervisors and Security Officers to meet any unforeseen eventualities. Contact for Security related solutions....

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Ex-Servicemen at Service...

Established by an Ex-army officer it has a team of expert Defence Ex-Servicemen having immense experience, professionally trained personnel & high caliber manpower securing an impressive clientele.

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Our working culture is different as we provides VALUE ADDED SERVICES to the customers. Our control rooms are manned 24 hrs to meet any unforeseen eventualities.

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      STARKING SECURITY & MANPOWER PVT LTD, one amongst the best Indian security and manpower provider in Central India i.e Madhya Pradesh. Starking Security is established by former Ex-army Officer with its headquarter in Jabalpur. Starking has been established for security related solutions and has a team of expert Defence Ex-Servicemen having immense experience, professionally trained personnel & high caliber manpower securing an impressive clientele. It is our constant endeavor to keep in touch with our clients on regular basis.

         We offer a wide range of services (Security & manpower related) to fit a variety of needs. Our security guards place the utmost importance on making sure your valuables are truly protected. We train our security staff for many different specialties: bike patrol, vehicle patrol, armed and unarmed guards, roving patrol guards, and much more. If you want the best security and manpower related company in Madhya Pradesh, contact the specialists at Starking Security and Manpower Services.

Team of Defence Ex-Servicemen at your service

       Starking Security & Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest company, established by an Ex-army officer and headquartered in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. It has a team […]

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Our Services

Temporary Workers Cleaning Services  Housekeeping Personnel Construction Services Recruiting Services Payroll Services   Why Choose us? Talent Selection Personalized interviews Confirmation of references Evaluation of languages level Associates benefits   […]

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Traditional Guards to Automated Security Guards

Automation technology promises to make security more personal and purposeful, and the latest innovation is a sign of things to come… Times are changing. With a rising number of crimes […]

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We watch over your loved ones, while you are away..

We Work With You, No Matter What…because we Care for You We have an exceptional performance record serving many clients from diverse industries.  No matter the location, type, or size […]

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Why to Choose STARKING

STARKING provides best security of its kind that goes unmatched from others, and it eliminates possible problems before they become threats. Technological expansion has provided numerous tools to assist, but […]

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